We Are [Poem]

A beautiful generation
created in the image of God
with various tones of melanin
height differences
multicultural experiences
and economical variations
yet, still in Gods image
one race

has no place to stand
in the body of Christ’s church
we all bleed the same blood

designed to die daily
to our selfish sinful sanctions
that we somehow allow ourselves to stomach
but Praise God for redemption

Praise him for choosing to save a wretched
also created/to unite
and spread his Goodness to the NATIONS

We are adopted orphans
we are His children

So, LIFT HIM UP for brown and white hands
holding up their praise to Jesus

Praise HIM now
for the church of believers
that actually believes that the Gospel is capable for redeeming
our sinful behaviors to


Praise God for Jesus
and worship Him
for what He has done

in his life
and resurrection
offering Grace and holiness

for us to be unified
to be image bearers
to be the church

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