Over Analyzing

I see this box that I have been kept in
over analyzing my perception of my masters plan
I have fallen to the weakness of this flesh
and yet, my wretched heart has accepted the exile of human worthiness
every little part of me felt worthless

I can’t keep doing this
I’m hurting my heart
quenching the spirit with doubt
robbing my inner circle

where trust once came out
I’m suffocating my life
I need to breathe

the fresh air of completeness
but the world has taken my pleasures
and created deceiving peacefulness
I am only satisfied for the moment

tripping over the constant mistakes
that has no justification to sake
your love for me

I am overly drenched in the my own strength
analyzing the fruits that I though I produced

but my foolishness always lead me back to a you
the Creator
the Savior

opening my arms to you asking to hold me close to your faithfulness
my sin has brutally attacked me
but you opened this mental box

and graced me with life…

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