The Birth of an Early Bird [Short Story]

It was a Thursday morning and momma was in my room going through my closet looking for her work shirt.  She never had a sense of consideration in the mornings.  Momma made it her duty to wake us up without directly doing so.  My baby nephew, JJ, was laying asleep beside me and he was definitely not a morning person. He didn’t seem to take momma’s inconsideration well, but she always reminded him that he had no other choice. Today he decided to yell at momma telling her to turn off the light.  I saw his life flash before my eyes. She rushed to grab her belt and smacked him across his butt.  He jerked his head up and immediately started crying, my Thursday morning alarm clock.

This wasn’t anything I personally wasn’t used too being that daddy woke up every morning at 4:30am to get ready for work.  This Thursday morning he was randomly off work, so he was also awaken by JJ’s loud crying and momma’s fussing.  To add to all the noise, he would pound his feet to the floor and walk in the room to start fussing at momma as well.  He claimed that he wanted to sleep in for a change.  However, 5:22am is not sleeping in for normal people, but it was for my daddy.  He made it clear that we didn’t want to get up until about 6:00am since he was off, but momma and JJ had ruined that.  On the days that daddy didn’t have to work, he would get up around 5:30am or 6:00am to start his day.  He was very unpredictable so sometimes he would do yard work, go fishing, sell watermelons, and do other random things that country men do.

As for me and JJ,  we would say our goodbyes in the morning and turn on the television.  JJ would usually fall back to sleep, but I would get up and start my day.  I usually would go outside and sit on the porch just to hear the birds chirping and roosters crowing.  Yes, there more noise around me… loud roosters. I wouldn’t stay outside too long because I knew JJ would be getting up soon and I had to make it my duty to get his life together every morning.  After I’ve enjoyed my alone time and eat a bowl of cereal, I would hit JJ until he got out of the bed.   My baby nephew was a grouchy little thing in the mornings, so I got used to his morning fits. I would make him take a shower, and we would start our day off by splitting up our chores.

Momma had a rule that we had to have the whole house clean by 1pm, so JJ and I always made it our mission to clean the house by 9:00am.  This gave us enough time to meet up with our cousins and play for the rest of the day.  Being that it was Thursday, we knew that momma would come home with a plate from work.  She worked as a head cook at the local plant and they would have shrimp on Thursdays.  I remember hearing momma ask daddy for money the day before because she knew that we were expecting her deep fried shrimp plate.  She also knew that the house would be spotless because of it.

JJ and I was running behind on our chores because we had spent 30 minutes fussing about who’s turn it was to do the dishes.  Being that I was his auntie and he had to obey me, so he never won those arguments. It was getting close to 9:00am and daddy had entered into the house.  He thanked us for our good work and mentioned that he wanted to take us fishing with him the next time his was off.  Although I knew that he meant it, my biggest concern was the fact that he was home.  This was a random day off for him, and it happened to be Thursday.  Our day of excellence.  We had to show momma that we worked hard for that shrimp plate, so we had to make sure Daddy didn’t mess up everything.

It was 8:53am at this point, and JJ was drying the dishes.  I had just got finished sweeping the hallway and taking out the trash.  JJ was rushing to put all the dishes up and wipe down the table, stove, and countertops.  I ran down the hallway into momma and daddy’s room to give him the law.  I explained to him that he can not mess up anything in the house because today is Thursday and we work hard on Thursdays.  He looked at me with a big smirk and laughed as if I was joking.  I told him that I would be very upset with him if he messed up anything.  Daddy grabbed his beer and gave me a salute.

I went into my room and saw JJ putting on his basketball shoes.   I looked for mine and started doing the same.  When I glanced up at the clock, it was 9:17am.  We were running behind.  We both rushed out the back door and our cousin was waiting for us, “Man, y’all slipping!  We know its Thursday but get it together, fam… Y’all finally ready to walk to the court?”

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