Life, So Interesting…

Life can be so interesting.  You can experience the most devastating moments in life and have the happiest moments at the same time.  Isn’t that interesting?  If you were to stare at a tree, would you ponder on the fact that it took twenty plus years for it to grow?  I bet not… so why is life so darn interesting?

Let me share my perspective.

Life is a place where temporary can mean hope for eternity.  I know that is a bit deep, but from my belief, it’s true.   I was once blind to the beauty and interesting aspects of life.  I was simply living without any thought of the world around me.   There is only one thing that I remembered in my blind state and that is the liberty to live life recklessly.  I genuinely enjoyed living life so blindly.  I was okay with living without purpose, but then came the big reveal…

I experienced a veil being lifted from my eyes and I saw life for what it truly was… temporary.  I seen opportunity.  I seen chaos with a dash of sustainable hope.  I seen a world that was corrupt and needed a hint of grace and perfection.   I also seen that noone could fix it, but the revealer.   Isn’t that interesting?  To see life from two different perspectives and still be the same physical being. It’s like figuratively seeing the matter of love in its raw, natural form.  You know it’s there and powerful but you can’t see it or touch it.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I had become a new creature, spiritually.  I had seen the supernatural.

The most compelling part about this life is not just seeing it in its bland overrated-ness, but seeing the beauty in informing and watching other people experience the same thing that I’d experienced.

Newness, hope.

Now, the MOST interesting part is that it didn’t happen overnight.   I know, I know… you may have thought it happened in an instant.  In someways you can say it did, but the MOST interesting part is the fact that the removing of the veil was only the beginning.   I would grow to know more and more about the beauty of this life and the privilege I have to live it.  Isn’t is interesting to be humbled by this notion? Don’t you think that pride would be easier and more self satisfying?  Well… depends on your visual state, right?  Are you blind?  Or can you see?

I guarantee you that life is more interesting with the veil being removed.

Pain, bearable. Grace, sufficient.  Mortality, hopeful.  Life, appreciated.

Isn’t that interesting?

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