Dreams, So Cold

Once upon a time
there was girl with dreams,  so cold
she looked at her life and seen a future untold
her vibes, unmatched.
her rhythms, untacked
she was a moving force to be reckoned with

then she met life at the corner to change
she bumped into despair and dropped emotions of pain
her moves changed, her body evolved
her mind clotted up, her noise paused

she craved the succession, she bossed her resentment
she focused on her dreams, leaving the scene
ripping the rearview mirror, pursing the unseen
the girl was so cold

her person had dark alleys
her past had deep fragments
flesh, wounds, scabs, scars
this girl had met trials at the corner to her heart

she had big hair
she had dark skin
she had deep roots
she had the moment

in her chair, she had a seat
but when she looked around, there was noone to see

she dropped her family
she lost her empathy
she became hungry
a prideful junkie

this girl had dreams
so cold


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