In the Valley

With tears in our eyes, we experience so much pain.
We transform brokenness into masquerades of phoniness
With death in our path, we mourn the suddenness
We provoke evil thoughts, trying to remember hope

What happens when Hope seems so far away?
What happens when Trust doesn’t seem the right way?
We question our nature with no access to the thought of its existence
We will hurt

Even when the valleys are filled with vines made into ladders
we will always have the fear to climb
We fear the freedom that awaits at the hilltop

Even if the climb may save our lives
we will wait for someone to save us
We have no fear in pity

Suffering, screaming, limping, breaking
Every piece of us, falling
Apart, a part in the pain we endure
Every piece of us, unsure

That if Joy would actually come in the morning
that Glory would surely await us
That vanity is truly vanity, that hope will bring sanity
That in the valley, there might be peace

Peace in knowing, peace in believing
Peace in hoping, peace in seeing
Peace in life, peace in death
Peace in Glory, peace with Him
through the valley

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