Lights Out

i lay sleep, sneaking silent waves of rest
i heard a bang, my rest is trapped
darkness piercing through every inch of my flesh
i hear fear’s pulse

beating in my ear, whispering horrific tensions
grinning to my brain, anxiety floating
at this moment, I felt the bed shift
my heart skipped through the room

fearful, lacking vision but not keeping still
i couldn’t keep up
i stayed up glaring at any variations of black
skimming the room for eerie imaginations

i called my lover, he pleaded his concern
he disappeared like the mist, satisfaction ended early
i thirst for a voice

then i heard yours, whispering memories
painful flashbacks, a peaceful tone
my grin pierced the darkness, my tears broke that peace
you are not really here with me

i am alone, in terror

i laid back to the box spring, gazed to the heavens
asked my overseer to come to me
lay with me through the night

he didn’t come
he allowed me to keep asking, keep hoping

my fear turned into dreams, coasting through my thoughts
i heard a bang, my dreams were trapped
i open my eye lids to vivid light, sound, and life

i could finally see, the light moved me
and fear remained, life sustained.

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