2019 Wave – Grab Ya Boards.

It’s a NEW YEAR, it’s a NEW WAVE.  I am sure most people are ready to begin this year off thinking that they have everything ready for a supernatural reset.  From one night to another, everything has changed.  Well… we know that’s not really the case, but the world seems to run with this concept EVERY YEAR.  Most of the gyms are full of hopeful fitness gurus, corporations change all their marketing to sustainability best practices and “lose the weight this way” campaigns.  It is literally the time of overwhelming change.  Everyone is being forced to think about it which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I think new year resolutions should be the opening to new chapters.  The beginning to new trails and freeways.  We should capitalize on the motivation around us.  However, we must distinguish between fantasy and reality.  Some things we can get down in a year, some things we cannot.  We should focus on the controllables and prepare for the things we cannot control.  It’s a NEW YEAR, why not?

In the past, I would not engage in the “New Year, New Me” wave, but this time around is different. I want to learn to approach things from a different perspective.  Think about things differently.  You know how sometimes you see people take advantage of things that no one else really cares about.  For example, an app that allows you cash back on groceries or a rewards program that gives you a discount on their merchandise.  Most people live life not taking advantage of the things being offered to them.  As a marketer, this is the prime reason why we engage in the culture of “you have to work a little to save” strategy.  We meet our objectives without losing everything… it’s tapping into the mind of the average person.  This is why I’ve chosen to look at this new year as more of an opportunity rather than a cycle.  I want to take what is so vaguely being thrown at me and really marvel on its opportunity.  I want to be apart of the 1%.

I know that this sounds too deep and you are probably thinking that as you read this, but take one moment to hear me out.  Close your eyes and think about the things around you.  Every conversation someone has mentioned the new year and thought about how they are going to change.  Now, think about yourself.  Where do you need to change?  How can you benefit from this?  Picture yourself at the end of this year actually changed.  Bad habits, gone.  Money problems, gone.  Unhealthy relationships, gone. You actually did it.  You changed.  Now, open your eyes.  Realize that this is the best time.

In order to take the moment and make it more, we have to plan to make it last.  Change isn’t easy.  It’s all about commitment, consistency, and discipline.  We’ve all heard these before.  Although I agree, I also think how you start is essential to how you finish.  With the new year wave happening right now, don’t ignore it.  Jump on your board and ride it.  We just can’t ignore the fact that we will fall and struggle to stay on top, but we can always get up.  There hasn’t been a mass closure of gyms because of the reduction of the new year crowd.  They will be there.  We just have to figure out how to keep going.  How to get back up and stay on board as long as we can.

So, the next time you go into the store and you see a sign that says, “Keep going you got this!” You appreciate the moment.  Don’t buy their quick weightloss running pants, but appreciate the motivation.  Take it as a boost to your new journey.  Once the wave starts to fade, you look at the end of the year and imagine how you will feel.  Accomplishments are the best feelings.

As I encourage you, I encourage myself.  I’ve written down my goals this year and soaked in all the encouragement around me.  I’ve shared my inspiration and thought about December. The ending of another beginning.  The moment of reflection.  I’ve pictured myself smiling as I cross out all my goals.  The moments I almost gave up run through my head along with the time periods I did give up.  It all meant everything for this moment.  The moment I can say I endured.

It’s possible.

Write down some realistic goals.  Surf the wave.  If you fall, get back up.

2019 – Let’s get it!

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