Crazy Pen: Lemonade

Crazy Pen is a series where I will use my creative license to write freely and creatively on random topics. With this series, rules don’t apply.

Enjoy my Freedom.

There is a very well known saying and I am sure that most of you know it, “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.” This has been the motto and mantra for most. I will admit that it’s been the thing for me as well. It’s sorta empowering. Well, the mere words are compelling at least. The principle that this phrase holds is quite intuitive. I know you’re probably like, “Okay, Daishu… point please?” Okay, here’s what I’m trying to say. I agree that life serves us lemons sometimes. Lemons are known to be sour. Most people don’t opt into eating a lemon over an apple. Obviously, right? That’s not even a competition in my book.

However, you don’t have a choice to eat this lemon… but (ahay!) there’s hope! You can take these amazing lemons and make them into something else. Make them good and consumable. You can aid your lemons and create lemonade. Whew, that’s was a great way to spin it. You have delicious lemonade and now you’re up on life. Boom! Just like that!

How did you do it, though? How did you make the lemonade?

Most would assume this to be a very rhetorical question. Most would question one’s sanity, “I mean who doesn’t know how to make lemonade? You’re crazy.” I’ve been there. Merely making assumptions based on ignorance that I’ve accused of other people. It’s another round of I know I’m right and you’re wrong. This time, being like others, I really don’t know but I assume that I do.

The reality of having been given lemons is understanding the practicality of responding to its sour taste.

Lemonade can made many ways. There’s millions of recipes that distinguishes themselves from each other. However, I believe that there’s a general objective in making lemonade. I would guess that it’s to make it sweet and tasteful. Adding a sugar element to balance the sourness, therefore aiding the lemon and making lemonade.

So based on our understanding of this process, we gained that lemons need aiding to be lemonade. It basically needs a sweet component, water for sharing, and a tool for mixing. These components make lemonade. Lemons were always apart of the big picture never meant to act alone, in this context.

We need hardship, we need hope, we need community in order to process healing and growth. It’s apart of the human experience. This life is hard and it’s not easy. Grab your reality, grab your hope, and grab your community so you can turn a sour experience to a sweet and tasteful lesson. Practicality meeting reality. Taking lemons and making lemonade.

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