New Mornings For Me

The morning is new and my thoughts are whispering to me as I embrace the gazing sun beaming through my window blinds. I can’t help but to immediately self reflect on what’s important to me and examine the things I tend to treasure. My thoughts are held captive to the idea of what this moment means. How am I to respond to the conclusion of whatever revelation I discover within myself, this morning. It is day and I’ve woken up to my own thoughts. Gratitude must’ve stayed sleep in my dreams.

The morning is before me. I sit up in my bed and feel the sun’s warmth against my skin. I think about all the things I have to do this day. I am frustrated because I only want this moment. I enjoy the feeling of daytime knowing that I don’t have too much of its time until the darkness steals the sun. I begin to ponder about my life and how I am so unfortunate to get up from this bed to embrace what’s ahead. I love the morning and I don’t want to let it go. Gratitude must’ve laid back down.

The morning is pressing. I am rushing to my day away from this moment. I grumble, complain, and whine until I am dressed with clothes from my closet. I open the door to my day and meet the sun for the first time. I put on my sunglasses and gaze back at its beaming light. I smirk at its brightness then walk slowly to my car thinking about all the things I don’t want from this day. Gratitude must still be gazing at the sun.

The morning is passing, and I am cursing the day. I want to go back to my sanctuary and feel the moments of beauty without dealing with its heartaches. I sit at my desk, leave my meetings and scroll through my phone thinking about wanting this day to be over. Gratitude must’ve stayed at home.

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