Sunrises to Sunsets

I never felt like the sun had a home. Your light always felt welcoming like the morning’s gaze. I had a way with your delight.

You gave me a view that I could only see from mountaintops and sometimes valleys. Highs and lows. Your mind skipped through waters leaving trails of you. You always knew.

I can’t recall your motive, though. Your reason to consider pavement over sand. Gravel over dirt. Limbs over leaves. Your sunlight led to sunsets.

It was still you.

I chose to feel the rain when you stormed. It never felt unbearable. I chose to feel pain when you were torn. It always felt manageable.

Our time was impeccable. I would imagine tree stumps and green grass as we lay into the evening watching the skies. The pretty specs of blue keep us warm.

I loved you.

I knew you.

You felt like home. A porch where crickets sang and the flies shined at night. You felt like home.

I loved your presence.

I speak in the past tense because you’ve gave me no choice. The love I once knew had to speak with its voice.

Once I knew the sun, I seen the night. Once I knew the night, I seen your darkness.

Love never sat with you.

I just took the bait.

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