We Are [Poem]

Chosen A beautiful generation created in the image of God with various tones of melanin height differences multicultural experiences and economical variations yet, still in Gods image one race Hatred has no place to stand in the body of Christ's church we all bleed the same blood Humanity designed to die daily to our selfish sinful [...]

Creator of Creation [Poem]

​ Creator of Creation majestic in being glorious in Love your beauty transcends my pain they’ve spoken of your great wonders and yet you know my name   the ruler of Kings our supernatural king the joyous hope that my life so desperately needs   Your love undeserved kept by the cross the light in [...]

Undefeated [Poem]

​ You have scorned me you have beat me but you couldn’t kill me your brutal attack burned my flesh the smell of deadly attempts   you were close but far hidden in the his words creeping in her eyes I was drowning in your sea of insecure captivity your waves kept crashing until you [...]

Black Man [Poem]

​ Hands up, don’t shoot That’s what we’ve told you to do Justice still leaking through the cracks of supreme Americanized whiteness But don’t shoot You’ve been shot Black man Your body rubbed throughout the screen of my cracked phone Your blood dripping on my black thumbs Black man We see you And I wish [...]

Growing Up Monroe [Book Insert]

This is an unedited insert from the upcoming book, Growing up Monroe. “JJ, we need to clean the house now so we can play until 1… if we wait to clean, we may forget.”  JJ responded, “But Auntie Kamile, I will remind us to come in when its time to clean.” “Will you remember to [...]

Meet pain, gain hope

I lost my dad about six months ago to leukemia, a deadly cancer that has now claimed two of my family members. This was an extremely pivotal point in my life, but it seems as if nothing changed.  To provide context, my dad was diagnosed with this cancer in January of 2017.  This was the [...]