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A Garden of Mushrooms by Daishu McGriff (PRE-ORDER)

    A Garden of Mushrooms by Daishu McGriff (PRE-ORDER)

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    Social media has responded... I love mushrooms.  You all have been a big gigantic hug of love and support.  All this support, it has brought me to my first book. A Garden of Mushrooms is far more than a cookbook.  It's a story about family, legacy, and our love for food. 

    I will share creative spins and details on the different variety of mushrooms but I will also share stories that mean so much to me and why I started my journey. 

    This book is special to me.  It is the first of first but it's also my heart.  I want you to feel as you read.  I want you to experience every emotion that I experienced. I want you to be real with yourself and test the "limits".  

    Seeds are planted, gardens grow.  Mushrooms bloom through past decay.  It's all a process.  Welcome to A Garden of Mushrooms.

    Book shipping starts this Summer... or sooner. :)